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Use What Tools You Need To Make Your Life A Little Easier!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Do what makes you #happy & Use whatever #tools you need to make your life a little easier!

Doing #photography has always been my #passion & my #happiness, especially #outdoors! Months ago, I started to #stand & #walk again, and currently I can only stand on my feet for a limited amount of time.

I refuse to allow my #disabilities, #injuries, or chronic #pain put limitations on my #dreams or control me! I’m #learning to do what I need to happily live my #life!

I’ve discovered that finding a place to sit so I can #rest when needed can be difficult, especially now with Covid, whether I’m #traveling, at the store or at a #park.

One of my Christmas #gifts from Randy Martinez was this awesome portable Mini Max Stool you see me sitting on in the photo below. I started using it to do photography & now I find myself bringing it with me wherever I go! -Denise Vasquez

If you'd like to #Donate to The Disabled Photographer Project visit Paypal & make a donation to email clicking on the #Donate button

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