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Her Story:


Denise Vasquez is a Puerto Rican, Published Travel Photographer at Adobestock, Writer for Lonely Planet, Artist, Actress, Author at Penguin Random House, Content Creator, Consultant, and Founder of The Disabled Photographer Project and How Accessible Is Accessible series.

Denise uses her heART to create, share Colorful Moments, inspire, and advocate for equality, inclusion, and accessibility, because it is all a part of her being.


Born and raised in New York City, Denise left home at the age of seventeen and has been traveling the world since. Having lived in Scotland, London, The USVI and California, her experiences have led her to share her journey through writing, music, art & photography.

Her photography has been published in National Geographic Yourshot, Canon Photo Plus magazine, About Town Magazine Covers, Dreamy Magazine, Malvie Magazine,, Redbubble, Fine Art America, and has been exhibited by the Southwest Environmental Center (Las Cruces, NM), Cleanwave Movement Non-profit Organization (, San Diego Fair Exhibition Of Photography (San Diego, CA), Museum Of Ventura County Smith Pavillion (Ventura, CA), La Bodega Art Gallery (San Diego, CA), and more! Licenses for her photography are available via Adobestock, Shutterstock and istock by Getty Images. 

Referred to by the media as being a "Modern Day Renaissance Woman", Denise is also a Published Author at Penguin Random House (Sketch Card Mania), writer & blogger: articles include: Canon Photo Plus Magazine, (LA Cultural Examiner for 6 years), Posting Bee (Guest Blog), Latino Outdoors, (Yo Cuento) and The Disabled Photographer Project Blog.


Denise's resume also includes being SAG-AFTRA actress, stand up comedian, dancer, host, creator & promoter of: WO+MEN 4 APPLAUSE comedy & music variety shows (Hollywood, CA), WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE events (Los Angeles & Arizona), Ladies Night Music Festivals I-VI (US Virgin Islands), Creator & Moderator of "Tricks Of The Trade" Panel at San Diego Comic Con, and she has also participated on panels at  Conventions in  Germany (Jedi Con), Atlanta (Dragon Con), Texas, Chicago and more! Denise's art has been published by Her Universe, Hot Topic, Disney, Topps Trading Cards, DK Publishing, The Art Hustle Trading Cards, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Breygent Marketing, and her music has earned her awards, nominations and she has 3 published albums on iTunes, apple music, spotify, amazon music.

Artist Statement:

My recent work has been focused around accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the outdoors.


After becoming permanently disabled from a work injury, I wanted to get outdoors to create, connect and be one with nature . Being in a wheelchair for almost 3 years, showed me a world that does not accommodate disabled people physically, mentally or spiritually.


While exploring National parks, State Parks, and Local Parks,

I noticed that the paths, trails, signs, restrooms, picnic areas, campgrounds and much more were not compliant with the ADA Law which has been in effect for over 30 years.

On a mission to bring change, I founded The Disabled Photographer Project and How Accessible Is Accessible series.


As an artist who creates because it is a part of my being, I've been using my passions and skills while traveling to demonstrate which paths are really accessible and compliant with the ADA law.

I love traveling because I learn so much by experiencing things for myself. Traveling has taught me about places I've never heard of, history I've never read about in books, how cultures lived, and about myself! Having access to places allows me the opportunity to learn!


We are all human beings, and we all deserve the right to have equal accessibility to nature and the outdoors, whether it’s to learn, to connect, to create or to be happy.


My goal is to capture colorful moments as they occur while inspiring others to slow down long enough to see what we do have: a beautiful world, that is waiting to be explored, wanting to be protected, and needing to be equally accessible to all.


Denise is a member of the Council at Joshua Tree National Park Association and, has been consulting with other National Parks on their efforts in making the parks ADA compliant and equally accessible to everyone.

If you'd like to book Denise as a photographer, consultant, content creator, speaker, writer, ambassador, or promoter, she is available to hire for panels, workshops, lessons, partnerships and more! Select the service you're inquiring about by using the contact form... Read More

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