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Denise Vasquez Photography

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First impressions are everlasting, and so are the memories captured in a photograph!


Hi, I am Denise Vasquez

Portrait, Editorial, Lifestyle & Travel Photographer

I am an award winning, internationally published photographer, artist & author who loves to travel! I left my home in New York City when I was 17, and have been traveling since living in Scotland, London, USVI, California & Nevada. Why do I love traveling? Because it connects me to people, places, and cultures, gives me new experiences and perspectives, and inspires me to show the the beauty in the world through my lens.

environmental portrait style combines documentary, candid, editorial & travel photography. I believe the best moments are the real ones, and I love capturing beautiful memories that live on in every photograph.


If you're looking for a professional photographer that will help your authentic self shine, focus on the best in you, while capturing real colorful moments as they occur, you've come to the right place!

I love being with you every step of the way so you can be at your best during your photo experience. We'll have a consultation before your session, so we can collaborate and discuss your vision and mine. I'll send you a guide to help you prepare... what to bring, what to when it's time for your session, you'll be ready and I'll be able to focus on bringing out the best in your while capturing your excitement, your emotions, your qualities and all the real moments that make you shine! My style combines candid, documentary, editorial photography. I believe the best moments are the real ones, and I love capturing beautiful memories that will live on in every photograph.


I always have two cameras prepared for every photo session: Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera & Canon 6D Markii DSLR camera. I also have a variety of lenses: Canon RF 50mm 1.8, Canon RF 24-105mm F4L, Canon EF 70-300mm 4-5.6 L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens, and SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 DG Art Lens. I like to have one camera set up with my telephoto zoom lens, and the other camera set up with a wider lens. I prefer working with my cameras in hand, so I can move around and find the best compositions, but I always have my Promaster Professional Specialist Tripod ready. I love capturing environmental portraits by shooting outdoors using natural light, but I have additional equipment on hand: Canon 470EX-AI Speedlite flash, light panel, and a reflector.

Want to know about me? Well, my story is a long creative one, so here's the short version. My journey in the arts began when my mother enrolled me in dance classes. My first performance on stage was at age 4. I loved being on stage, was totally captivated, and from then on, being a successful artist became my goal in life. Thru my early teens, I was performing on stage whether I was singing, acting, doing improv, sketch comedy, dancing or playing violin. By my early 20's I was dancing, modeling, acting and performing on runways, in music videos, on TV or industrials and in Feature Films. Later in life, I accomplished one of my many dreams, to be a stand up comedian! I'm here to tell you, it's never too late to live your dreams!

In my early 20's, not only did I work in feature films, music videos, and commercials in front of the camera in New York City, I also got hands on experience working behind the camera. When I lived on St. John in the USVI, I worked for casting & film companies (Film It VI & Grip Flicks), traveling with them as a translator (I speak fluent Spanish), and as a production, casting assistant, key set PA, learning many things on the job including how to scout and photograph talent.


I've held many positions in my life including working as a wedding coordinator with my partners at Book It VI. As a wedding coordinator, I did everything from consulting with my clients, to creating packages, booking the minister, accommodations, transportation, music, florist, photographer, scouted locations, acquired permits & more! I also hosted, produced and promoted my own shows, I've booked singer, songwriters, musicians and bands on St John, USVI in 6 of my Music Festivals. In Los Angeles, I booked comedians, musicians, actors, singer/songwriters, on my WO+MEN 4 APPLAUSE Variety Shows at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, and at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA. During my shows, I wore many hats, but I felt it was imperative for artists to have good promotional photos, that represented them at their best, so I began photographing every artist as they performed on stage. When the performers shared the moments I captured, others began approaching me about wanting to be photographed, and that's when I knew I was on to something with my photography. Over the years, I received even more hands on experience photographing candid portraits, while working for photography companies at Universal Studios Hollywood & at The San Diego Zoo.

All of my experiences has led me to knowing how to see unique qualities, focus on what stands out, find locations, and capture the best colorful moments.

First impressions are everlasting, and so are the memories you capture in a photograph! My goal as a professional photographer, is to share my knowledge, offer you direction, use my skills to help your authentic self shine, and capture the most beautiful moments. I strongly believe that it's not only important to have a beautiful photo to share with the world, but it is also important to have a photo that showcases the best in you.


I'm also an adventurer at heart, and lets face it, being in the entertainment business is an adventure of a lifetime! I've been traveling my entire life and I am always planning my next adventure. I am now offering destination sessions so if you would like to discuss more, lets set up a consultation HERE.

I've been published internationally: in GMARO Magazine, Canvas Rebel, Malvie French Magazine, Dreamy Magazine, SDVOYAGER, Big bear guide, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Yourshot (Daily Dozen), Canon Photo Plus Magazine (Photo Stories), on the covers of About Town Magazines,, and much more! Click here to see some of my published work PUBLISHED.

Exhibitions & Events that have showcased my photography include: First Friday (Las Vegas, NV), Joshua Tree Street Market (Yucca Valley, CA), The Hi-Desert Community Darkroom (Yucca Valley, CA), The Yucca Valley Film Festival Art Exhibit (Yucca Valley, CA), In The Loop (Temecula, CA), The Southwest Environmental Center (Las Cruces, NM),, San Diego Fair Exhibition Of Photography (Del Mar, CA), Museum Of Ventura County Smith Pavillion (Ventura, CA), and La Bodega Art Gallery (San Diego, CA).

I contribute my photography to many platforms: Licenses for some of my work can be found at Adobestock, Shutterstock and istock by Getty Images.

My resume also includes: being an award winning published singer/songwriter/guitarist/publisher (ASCAP) with 3 albums on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Co- Author of "Sketch Card Mania" (Penguin Random House), published artist & designer (Topps, Art Hustle, Her Universe, Hot Topic, Disney, Breygent Marketing...), actress, comedian, dancer (SAG-AFTRA) click here to see my IMDb.


Panels I've participated as a speaker on include: The Parks Accessibility of Canada's National Parks, Promotion for Artists at San Diego Comic Con & Dragon Con, Yucca Valley Film Festival, Portland Art Museum, Jedi Con in Germany, Chicagoland Entertainment Expo, and more.

My Project: The Disabled Photography Project & How Accessible Is Accessible Series:

I became permanently disabled due to a work injury, ending up in a wheelchair for three years. Being that I was very active before my injury whether I was performing, doing photography, hiking and traveling, I never stopped finding ways to get outdoors to connect with nature while pursuing my passion for photography.


While exploring many places, whether using my wheelchair, rolling walker, cane or walking sticks, I discovered that the world is not accessible to everyone. After spending a lot of time, money, and traveling to national & state parks that were not as accessible as they claim to be, rather than be angry, disappointed and frustrated, I founded and created The Disabled Photographer Project & How Accessible Is Accessible series. I began making videos, writing blogs, Participating on panels & consulting with parks about what improvements could be made while bringing awareness about the importance of the world being accessible & really inclusive to everyone.


I believe in miracles, and I am back on my feet! The power of the mind is an incredible gift that we all have within us & I am living proof that whatever you focus on, you can attain! You have to Believe To Achieve!


During my free time, I am always traveling somewhere, to work on my craft, and invest in my photography business, so I can offer you the best in me. I love participating in meetups, workshops, conferences, and I am a proud member of Professional Photographers Of America (PPA).


All of my experiences has led me to understand how precious every moment truly is. I am here to help you capture and preserve your special moments, while shining the light on the best in you.


If you're ready to discuss booking your experience, I am available to hire for destination sessions, local sessions, conferences & panels, lessons, partnerships, whether it be as your photographer, mentor, speaker, consultant, content creator, writer, ambassador, or promoter! Select the service you're inquiring about by using the contact form... Read More

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