Colorful Moments


Artist Statement:


Inspired by my love for landscapes, nature and travel, I use photography as a means to capture life’s colorful moments as they occur. My influences stem from a lifelong adventure while growing up in New York City to living in Scotland, London, the US Virgin Islands & California. During my journey, in a sometimes dark world, I noticed the positive effect colorful environments had on me. Whether it’s a landscape, abstract, ocean or sky, I focus on capturing the environment’s always changing palette as a reminder of how vibrant our evolving world is. My goal with my photography is to evoke a positive emotional experience for my viewers through color, while inspiring them to get outdoors, and look deeper into the world around them. I believe that by becoming more aware of ourselves, each other & our surroundings, we can help our planet flourish. My photography is a way to share our universe in a colorful light in hopes of gaining more love, appreciation & protection for the environment & the natural beautiful life it provides us.-Denise Vasquez


Denise's photography has been published in Photo Plus The Canon Magazine along with her story on what led to her ongoing "Bridges, Docks & Piers Series", on the covers of About Town Magazines, National Geographic Yourshot Daily Dozen, and numerous articles she wrote as the LA Cultural Examiner. Her photography has been exhibited in the San Diego Fair Exhibition Of Photography (San Diego, CA), Southwest Environmental Center (Las Cruces, NM), Museum Of Ventura County Smith Pavillion (Ventura, CA), La Bodega Gallery (San Diego, CA), MK Envision Galleries (San Diego, CA), and more.


Referred to by the media as being a "Modern Day Renaissance Woman", Denise's resume also includes being an award winning published singer/songwriter/guitarist, artist, writer, as well as an actress & stand up comedian. Working in the entertainment industry both in front of & behind the camera for over 30 years, has led Denise to exploring & living in different parts of the world. Along her journey, she has also worked many jobs from being a photographer to being a wedding planner, live entertainment producer, promoter & booker, production assistant and casting assistant...which led to her traveling to many locations while scouting. Traveling allowed Denise to discover colorful landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, night skies and more. Over the years Denise has shared her colorful messages through writing, music, art & photography. Many years ago, Denise wrote a song called "Crayons" where she sings "We are an experiment, can we live together, grow together, as one race, the human race? We are crayons in the box, different colors, but all made the same, for one purpose, to color the picture.”