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The little things that remind me of the miracles in life

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

👣 The other night while walking around the Vegas Strip, I realized something that for me is truly a blessing!

♿️ As some of you may know, I got injured at work & ended up in a wheelchair for 3 years.

🔥Due to my Achilles tendon injury & CRPS…I could not wear a sock, shoe or even have anything touch my foot without having excruciating pain for many years. It’s difficult to describe the swelling, color changes & the chronic pain to anyone not living with CRPS, but the warriors who live with it & fight thru the pain every day know what I’m talking about.

✨Over the years, I’ve worked on many things including being able to stand & walk again, and have slowly acclimated my foot to be able to wear a sock, slippers or UGG boots for short periods of time.

🥾 I really missed wearing boots, so while in Puerto Rico, I tried on & purchased a pair of men’s hiking boots wide that were a half size too big. At the time I was having a flare up & my foot swelled up so much, those were the only boots that fit & didn’t hurt my foot!

🥾 The other day, I decided to try on a pair of women’s Columbia Sportwear hiking boots & they fit & felt so good, I’m wearing them in this photo.

🤔 Many reading this post may not understand what the big deal is, but this is the first time in almost 6 years that I wore hiking boots!!!

✨Sometimes it’s the little things like being able to wear boots & walk that remind me of the miracles in life!

🥾 I plan on holding onto the other big boots I bought! They will be good for when I have flare ups in the future. This is only a small taste of how I live with CRPS.

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