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The Climb

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Photography by Denise Vasquez

🥾 For some people, this may seem like an easy hike, but for someone like me with a disability, whether using walking sticks, a wheelchair, rolling Walker or crutches, this hike is quite a challenge, especially if I’m carrying or pulling cameras & equipment!

📸 I photographed this colorful moment from the bottom of the trail using my telephoto lens, while I was still in a wheelchair.

✍🏼 One of my many goals this year is to return to locations like this now that I’m back on my feet and continue exploring accessibility outdoors for my ongoing project The Disabled Photographer Project & How Accessible Is Accessible series.

♿️ I’ve noticed over the years that when some people post about Accessibility, they generalize, copy what other disabled people write, lump disabilities into the “everybody” category or say what they think people want to hear, based on what they are promoting.

💖 I’ve been trying to change the narrative with leading by example. My project is based on my personal experiences, lots of research, travel & time documenting & sharing my discoveries.

🙏🏼 Thank you to everyone who has not only been following my journey, but who supports what I’ve been doing for years. Your support helps me continue my project & series, bring awareness to the importance of having accessibility outdoors, while encouraging my community to get outdoors, travel & try photography.

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