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How Accessible Is Accessible: The Grand Canyon

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

My first trip to the Grand Canyon National Park was back in the 90’s, I’ve visited numerous times, but this is my first time back to The Grand Canyon And Desert View Tower in years.

The last time that I was here, I was in a wheelchair for 3 years. So it's kind of surreal & amazing to come back on my two feet walking grounded and exploring the areas that were not very accessible.

And the good news is you guys, Is that they are doing a lot of things To make the park ADA Accessible. From fixing roads, to fixing the restrooms, To making everything that is by law, should be in effect…They're putting it into effect!

Watch the Captioned Youtube video below or click on the link below to see & learn more:

As I mention in the Youtube video, Some things are going to be ready by the summer, some things are going to take a little bit longer, but the good thing is that you know, making videos like this and writing blogs, and sharing posts, and posting your story, Is making a difference you guys, and together we can!

Alright We’ll See You At The Next Stop and I’m Denise Vasquez Founder of The Disabled Photographer Project And How Accessible Is Accessible series. Be sure to follow my project on Instagram @DisabledPhotographerProject and from there you can get to the Youtube videos And We'll See You At The Next Stop!

Don’t forget to Use your ACCESS PASS for FREE entry & ask the ranger at the entry for a "Scenic Drive Accessibility Permit". This Permit Allows Access to Special Areas, including Yaki Point Road & Hermit Road, normally closed to private vehicles. You’ll be given a 7 day permit with a code & instructions on how to lift one of the entry gates.

There is plenty of Accessible Parking, Information and maps at the Visitor Center, Showing where you'll find accessible locations: Shuttle stops, overlooks, trails and restrooms, Informative directional signage.

It was nice to see Accessible Water Refilling Stations, Accessible Restroom Doors that open By pushing a button, Accessible hand dryers sinks and soap dispensers, and Accessible Restrooms that actually fit wheelchairs.

Some trails around the Desert View Tower are currently under construction to make the trails Accessible and ADA compliant. Some trails in this area closed, some are open.

Anyone else excited about all the changes?

More changes are happening …I was told a Cultural Center is being built I noticed more benches around the park, more access to beautiful Overlooks and more paved walkways.

More work needs to be done, But seeing change happening makes me feel good! Being able to explore this area is truly a gift & I am grateful to all of the 11 Native American Tribes that have fought & continue to fight to protect this sacred landscape!

Being able to return, standing on my own two feet, to my favorite areas that have been preserved, has given me a deeper connection to nature, wildlife & myself, with newer perspectives of the canyon in unique ways! We may be a small part in this big world, but no part is too small to make a difference!

I captured some beautiful moments during this trip, so be sure to visit the shop here where your purchase helps support the project, and follow my pages on instagram to learn more:

Travel Photography @DeniseVasquezPhotographs

If you're interested in contributing to my ongoing project, you can make a donation, in any amount here

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