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Denise Vasquez

Denise Vasquez is a Puerto Rican, Published Travel Photographer at Adobestock, Writer for Lonely Planet, Artist, Actress, Author at Penguin Random House, Content Creator, Consultant, and Founder of The Disabled Photographer Project and How Accessible Is Accessible series.

Denise uses her heART to create, share Colorful Moments, inspire, and advocate for equality, inclusion, and accessibility, because it is all a part of her being.

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Denise's recent work has been focused around accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the outdoors.


After becoming permanently disabled from a work injury, Denise wanted to get outdoors to create, connect, and to be one with nature.


While exploring National parks, State Parks, and Local Parks, Denise noticed that the paths, trails, signs, restrooms, campgrounds, picnic areas, and much more were not compliant with the ADA Law which has been in effect for over 30 years.

On a mission to bring change, Denise founded The Disabled Photographer Project and How Accessible Is Accessible series.

As an artist who creates because it is a part of her being, Denise has been using her passions and skills while traveling to all of the parks to demonstrate which paths are really accessible and compliant with the ADA law.

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Thank you for visiting! If you'd like to hire Denise as a photographer, writer, consultant, content creator, brand ambassador, promoter, or speaker, she is available to book for panels, workshops, lessons, partnerships and more! Select the service you're inquiring about by using the contact form...

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