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We All Have a Purpose!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Sometimes it's difficult to know what our #purpose is while we're facing #challenges, but I truly #believe we all have a purpose in life!

Almost 3 years ago I got injured at work. I went to hell & back, was misdiagnosed by so many doctors, got lost in a broken system, ended up in a wheelchair, didn't know if I would ever walk again & lost hope!

Being in a #wheelchair showed me a world that does not accommodate #disabled people physically, mentally or spiritually. After almost 3 years of fighting to get back on my feet, I ended up with a permanent #disability, #CRPS, Achilles Tendon injuries, back issues & other issues.

There were many obstacles, but I stayed positive, I found myself again, got my #spirit back, and learned how to manage the constant chronic pain. With every day comes new challenges, but also new opportunities & I'm continuing to find what works for me from moment to moment so I can live my #life, #follow my #passions and do all the things that I #love like #travelling, #photography, being #outdoors capturing the Milky Way, #sunrises & #sunsets while #connecting with #nature.

This is the beginning of me #sharing my #story, which has led me to my purpose. I hope to bring more #awareness to what life is like living with a disability in today's #world, I hope to #inspire others while sharing #views & I hope I can give #hope to those like me that may have lost it at times!

Thank you for taking the time to read my #blog! -Denise Vasquez

If you'd like to #Donate to The Disabled Photographer Project visit Paypal & make a donation to email clicking on the #Donate button

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