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Top 3 Reasons To Pick The Location For Your Photo Session In Advance

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Denise Vasquez Photography, Yucca Valley California

Many don't know this, but aside from producing, hosting & booking 6 of my "Ladies night music festivals" & events on St. John in the US Virgin Islands, I was also a wedding coordinator with my partners at Book it VI.

As a wedding coordinator, I did everything from consulting with clients over the phone and via email (this was before zoom & face time), I created packages, booked the minister, accommodations, transportation, music, florist, photographer, videographer, excursions, scouted locations, acquired permits if necessary & much more.

Knowing the location where you want to book your experience, whether it’s a portrait & lifestyle session, an event, wedding, engagement proposal or retreat is very important. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

1- Picking a location that you love, will add to your energy & connection to your environment which will lead to the best photographs.

2-Knowing the location of your photography session in advance, can help the photographer scout the location to find the best spots, with good compositions & lighting!

3-You may need to apply for a permit in advance, pay additional fees, and have a waiting period. Some popular locations, near where I live like Joshua Tree National Park, require you to obtain a permit for photography shoots, workshops & weddings. Knowing this in advance can help you prepare & plan ahead. For more information about Joshua Tree National Park Permits visit

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