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Passion meets purpose with Denise Vasquez

I was invited to be on David Johnston’s Landscape Photography podcast. We had a great conversation about photography, passion, purpose, mindfulness, The Disabled Photographer Project & so much more! We discuss:

  • How I got started in photography and then landscape photography

  • Using mindfulness to shape your outlook and your creative perspective

  • The Disabled Photographer Project

  • Making parks more accessible to the disabled community

  • And much more!

To listen visit

It takes a lot of time, research, money, travel, content creation, editing and more to make The Disabled Photographer Project possible. Contributions help keep The Disabled Photographer Project's "How Accessible Is Accessible" series going, and you can support the project by making a donation Here:

The project is also currently seeking partnerships, sponsors, grants, and ambassadorships. For inquiries contact Denise Vasquez

Follow The Disabled Photographer Project online:





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