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National Park Week: Free Admission!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Have you ever wanted to #explore the #National #Parks but couldn't #afford it? Guess what? National Park week is kicking off on April 17th by allowing #FREE admission into over 400 National Parks!

The fee free day is a wonderful #opportunity to visit National Parks as they normally charge an entrance fee to get in, unless you have an ACCESS PASS. If you are permanently #disabled and don't know about the ACCESS PASS that gives you lifetime free entry to the National Parks and more, read my blog about it HERE

Photography by Denise Vasquez ©2021

Keep in mind that the free admission does not cover amenity fees for #camping, boat launches, transportation and #tours.

Be #mindful that due to the free admission on April 17th, you might find the parks to be very busy! If you do plan on going, my advice would be to do some #research ahead of time so you are prepared:

-Are there any #alerts or closures?

-Opening & closing hours: *I highly recommend arriving to the park as #early as possible

Once you arrive at the park of your choice, be sure to ask about the ACCESS PASS if you are permanently disabled & don't already have one & be sure to read my blog about it so you know what you need to present to them in order to get it.

Also be sure to ask the #ranger at the gate if they have a #map displaying accessible areas, and *ask about special access areas for disabled people as parks like The Grand Canyon & Yosemite have special access to areas for disabled people.

Always be #prepared, #plan ahead & have #fun! Stay tuned! More "How Accessible Is Accessible" videos & blogs coming soon!

*If you'd like to support The Disabled Photographer Project, you can make a donation by clicking Here

The project is also currently seeking #sponsors, #grants, and #ambassadorships. For inquiries contact Denise Vasquez

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