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How To Prepare For Your Photo Experience!

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Are You Ready For Your Portrait, Lifestyle, Editorial Session?

As your photographer, my goals are to share real moments, document your beautiful memories that will live on in every photograph, and make sure you have the best experience!

That's why all of my offerings include consultations, questionnaire, and information on everything you will need to have a fun, stress free, successful portrait photo session!

I'm always with my clients every step of the way from start to finish. Depending on what the photo experience is, communication with my clients is priority so I can customize the photo session to their liking, just for them!

One of the many things that I guide my clients on is how to be prepared so they can have a fun, stress free photo experience! As I mention, everything I do for my clients is according to their needs, but here is a general outline on things to keep in mind when you are preparing for your photo experience:

1: Wardrobe Prep:

-Make sure your clothing is clean, pressed, lint free, ready and packed the night before unless you plan on wearing your outfit to location.

-Pack the shoes you’ll be wearing with your wardrobe if you are wearing heels & *BRING COMFORTABLE SLIPPERS, SNEAKERS OR SHOES TO WALK IN.

-Pack or Wear Your jewelry that goes with your outfit(s).

-If you are wearing stockings, make sure to bring an extra pair in case they rip. If not, make sure to have your legs clean shaven in case we shoot some photos of your legs, ankles & shoes.

2: Hair & Makeup:

-Whether you are getting your hair & makeup done by someone else, or doing it yourself for your photo session, practice, practice, practice! Make sure you try the looks you have in mind so your hair & makeup comes out how you want it to look for your photo experience.

-Bring the makeup you are wearing to the photo session in case you need to freshen up your look, change lipstick color, etc.

3: Manicure/Pedicure:

-Clean nails are a must! New nail polish (no chipped polish) on all finger or toe nails if you're wearing open toed shoes or no shoes will be showing in the photos.

4: Music Playlist:

-Make a playlist on your phone & bring your favorite music to play during your photo experience! It is a great way to help you relax, get into character & have fun. Select music that you love, inspires your vibe, and goes with your theme & poses.

5: Posing:

-I love photographing real candid moments, but If you plan on doing specific poses during your session, practice the poses you have in mind in front of a mirror. You could even make a fun video for yourself or to share with your family & friends to watch & replay which can help you decide which poses you are totally vibing with, like or don’t like. A good way to find more poses is to use references in magazines, on instagram, google poses & check out Pinterest.

6: Props:

-Props are a great way to add to any storytelling concepts you have in mind. Use your imagination! The more creative you get, the more fun you'll have!

7: Water, Food And Rest:

-You want to look & feel your best for your photo experience, so make sure you drink plenty of water & eat before your session & get your beauty sleep the night before.

8: Other Things To Bring To Your Photo Session:

-Bring your personality! The energy you bring to your photo experience will show in your photographs! So be you, be true & have fun!

-Bring your water bottle to stay hydrated & refill

-Bring Snacks (anything that won’t mess up your makeup or stick in your teeth)

-Bring the Makeup You are wearing for touch ups & changes

-Bring a Mirror: Compact mirrors or hand held mirrors are not only important for touching up your makeup, they are also great to use as props!

-Bring Tissues to Dab any sweat off

-Bring A Comb or brush, and any hair accessories

-Bring Sunscreen

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