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Get High On Life!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I love being #outdoors in #nature, especially when doing #photography. Why? Because being #outside in nature’s #colorful #environments especially during #sunrises, #sunsets & under the #stars, always makes me feel #happier, lifts my #spirit & makes me feel high on #life!

Getting #injured at #work & ending up in a #wheelchair, took me from being a totally #independent #woman to having to rely on my boyfriend for almost everything! As an independent woman it was hard for me to rely on someone else to help me do everything, but I am truly #grateful to have a partner who was there to #support me & do what was needed to make me #happy!

Not only was I dealing with the constant #pain, but I got really bad #anxiety which I never had before, and on top of that, I couldn’t #sleep and gained a lot of #weight. Doctors often prescribed pills, but I’m not a pill person, I don’t like taking pills because I don’t like the way pills make me feel, so I knew that would not be my solution.

Since being in nature made me happy, calmer & reduced my anxiety, my boyfriend & I made it a point to get outdoors as much as possible. When Covid-19 shut everything down, it made things even more challenging, but we’ve managed to keep safe, mask up & keep to ourselves while getting outdoors.

Being in nature not only lifts my spirit, it’s an important part of my life because it helps with the #CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). I notice that when I’m in nature, especially while doing photography, my #focus is not on the pain, my focus is on the #light, the fresh #air, the sounds, the smells, the #colors, the #compositions & the #views.

Now that I can #stand & #walk for a little while, I notice that #walking in nature has also helped me with weight loss.

Knowing that being in nature is #healing mentally, physically & spiritually, I want to be out in nature as much as possible! The big challenge is finding places in nature that are really #accessible! With that being said, I will be focusing on Accessible #locations in my “How Accessible Is Accessible” series. Stay tuned, subscribe, like, comment & share stories. The more we open up about the #benefits of nature, hopefully the more people will get high on life & the more nature will become accessible to everyone!

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