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Every moment is an opportunity for self care

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

No matter how I’ve looked at things in the past, I know that many of my #perceptions have changed, and in many ways for the better. I’ve always heard the phrase “Everything happens for a reason” and sometimes it takes #experiences to see the #lessons or the #reasons.

I wasn’t always #disabled, my #disabilities came from an injury at work, and in trying to get back on my feet literally & figuratively speaking, I’ve learned about the importance of self care.

In the past I was always go go go, putting everyone & everything first: my job, people… Since my injury, I’ve learned to put my physical & mental health first. I have my #moments where the pain is unbearable, and my thoughts run rampant, but I’ve learned how to allow myself the time I need in the moment to do what’s necessary to take care of myself. I’ve learned that every moment passes, every moment is an #opportunity, and to make the most of it. My #life now consists of starting my day doing my routine #exercises for my #body, #mind & #soul, from eating #foods that are anti-inflammatory, #meditating, stretching. I no longer look at doing what is necessary to take care of myself as a task, I look at it as a #healthy way of life. -Denise Vasquez

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