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Denise Vasquez Photography gallery & gift shop opened this week in Joshua Tree

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Denise Vasquez Photography gallery & gift shop had a soft opening in Joshua Tree this week & boy was it incredible!

Denise Vasquez Photography Bungalow #2 @Shops At Zanny's

Thank you to my man Randy Martinez for helping me get my shop set up & running so quickly...

Thank you Susan @The Shops At Zanny’s for all of your guidance, the Bungalow Crew...

And Roaming Travelers for the warm welcome to the neighborhood...

thank you to all my friends ...

special shout out to Serina & Chris McMahon for getting my door sign shown in the first photo finished so quickly! They also made my other sign & macrame curtain you'll see at my shop hanging on the front door.

and Thank you to all the customers who shopped by!

Click on the link to view more photos @tiktok

I started working retail at a very early age, have worked all over the world in shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, parks…and have never looked forward to going to work until now!

It’s fun taking all of my experiences & all of my knowledge and applying it to my shop!

When you do what you love & love what you do, your passion & creativity shines through your being and everything you create.

That happy feeling, that feeling of loving what I’m doing, makes what I do not feel like work, even though what I do is a lot of work.

Having this shop is truly a dream come true, so thank you everyone who came by this week to share my passion, my love, and my joy!

Denise Vasquez Photography gallery & gift shop is open Thursday-Sunday 11AM-5PM 61877 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA Bungalow #2

If you’re interested in a private showing, private lessons, consultations & photography talks…I can open other days & times. contact me here on the website via consult page for more info.

Follow me online:

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